WeWork Logo Interview

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Kylie Ora Lobell recently interviewed us for WeWork and asked us the importance of a strong logo mark. This is one of those topics we can certainly talk about for a long time…We enjoyed answering many questions on the subject matter and some of our thoughts made the post. Interested in a new logo design? If so, please let us know! For now, take a look and read the WeWork Creator article here:



USB Card promo

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Jeff Levinson and the fine folks at USB Memory Direct invited me to participate in making some promotional business card-sized USB flash drives. I decided to apply a couple different typographic/lettering images to them and think they turned out really great. Plus, they hold 8 gigs each! I’ve already given out a couple to designer friends who really seem to like ’em… If you want one, just let me know. Take a look at the pics below:

steve decusatis

steve decusatis

steve decusatis

steve decusatis



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Many thanks to Ryan Starr for inviting me to record episode 10 on his awesome Philly-based design podcast, Hi-Res. LISTEN HERE!

hires podcast


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We know what we want and we know how to get it! Creative Anarchy out now; get it! We’re honored to have a couple projects – shown below – in the latest publication from HOW Books. Learn HOW to break the rules of graphic design for creative success! Written by Denise Bosler, and we can certainly vouch for this. It’s certainly a good one! More info and ordering can be found here: https://creativeanarchy.is/awesome/#

Cover by Denise Bosler.

Cover by Denise Bosler.

Secondary cover by Denise Bosler.

Secondary cover by Denise Bosler.

Business card design by (and for) Steve DeCusatis. Photo by Steve DeCusatis.

Business card design by (and for) Steve DeCusatis. Photo by Steve DeCusatis.

Identity and business cards by Steve DeCusatis. Photo by Sam Fritch.

Identity and business cards by Steve DeCusatis. Photo by Sam Fritch.


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We recently designed, wrote, lettered, and produced a poster to support and benefit Doctors Without Borders. This was part of a large platform, Posters Against Ebola, which fights against the recent Ebola outbreak and was organized by Maribeth Kradel-Weitzel.

100% of all proceeds from all poster purchases go directly to Doctors Without Borders. We’re hoping to raise money for the heroes as they aid many people in need and we thank everyone who has purchased a poster so far… Your contributions and donations are very much valued and appreciated!

Our poster design was hand silk-screened by Roman Hasiuk with silver metallic ink on French Paper. Take a look below, and make sure to learn more about the project and see other poster designs here: https://postersagainstebola.com/







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We’re excited to announce that we will have a couple projects in Creative Anarchy by HOW books! Keep an eye out for this upcoming publication around December 2014. Isn’t the cover design by Denise Bosler, author, pretty darn cool?! You can also preorder a copy now:





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AIGA Philadelphia has a new podcast series called Night Caps. Every episode is recorded in front of a live audience, has a different panel and focuses on unique subjects relevant to the design field.

I was recently invited to speak on the panel of Episode 2 in Season 1 titled “Full-time to Freelance”. Jason Marziani, Saul Rosenbaum and myself spoke about industry-related things designers should consider when transitioning to working for themselves.

Below are some photos from the event take by Fabienne M Photography. You can listen to the podcast episode here:




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Every year, AIGA Philadelphia asks 50 area creatives to review senior design portfolios at an event called Feedback. Students get to meet with multiple creatives in 15-minute time slots. This gives them interview practice and a sense of what projects might be their strongest, and which ones to improve upon. I am always happy to volunteer my time for this and give my thoughts on how students could possibly increase their presentation quality, and better yet, their individual projects.

This year, the event took place at Moore College of Art & Design on Wednesday, May 7th. I saw portfolios from various design programs in Philadelphia, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. Overall, some great work — And hopefully showing their work to a fresh set of eyes was beneficial and inspiring for all students who attended. Photos below from Feedback 16:


Photo courtesy of https://www.fabiennemphotography.com

Photo courtesy of https://www.fabiennemphotography.com

Photo courtesy of https://www.fabiennemphotography.com

Photo courtesy of https://www.fabiennemphotography.com

Business card / Promo piece I give to the students.

Business card / Promo piece I give to the students.




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Many thanks to PaperSpecs.com for posting about our business card designs. We really appreciate the recognition and the paper resources they have on the site.



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It is an honor to have our promo book on NoPlasticSleeves.com. Many thanks to Danielle Currier for taking the time to review our work and post it to their blog. We really appreciate it and love the No Plastic Sleeves book as well. Design, layout and binding by design intern, Ali Doucette.

promo1 promo2 promo3 promo4 promo5 promo6 promo7 promo8 promo9 promo10

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