Posted by Steve DeCusatis @ 5:46 pm

A couple Thursdays ago (April 5th), I hosted my second design lecture in the First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia. It was a true honor to put together a lecture with The Heads of State. I went to Tyler School of Art with Jason and Dusty and they’ve always created the highest level of design work. I saw them lecture back in 2005, a few years after they formed their partnership. Since then, they’ve both moved away from Philly and worked from two different cities. A few years ago, they reunited under one roof – this time back in The City of Brotherly Love. They wanted to share their story. They wanted to share their experience – and their latest work. In Philadelphia. To celebrate 10 years of working together. And why not tell it in the same venue where their career bloomed. Many of their earliest poster projects were created for shows put on in “The Church”. Their lecture sold-out. A crowd of 300 creatives gathered to be entertained by the design duo. Many thanks to everyone who attended. It’s your support that made this possible! Check out the wonderful photos below done by Sam Fritch Photography.