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We’re happy to announce that LogoLounge judges have selected one of our logos to be included in their upcoming Volume 8 edition. In addition to their book publications, LogoLounge is the largest online logo database including award-winning logos from designers across the globe. We have had logos included in LogoLounge Vol. 3, 4, 5, 7, and in their Master Library Collections Vol. 1 through Vol. 4.

Show below is the selected logo for ViewBoost, an app designed to direct you to “off-the-beaten-path” discoveries. Initially, the design was proposed to work in a fluid or dynamic logo system where the typography stays consistent, but the location graphic and color switch out every time the logo is used and seen.

LogoLounge 8

LogoLounge 8

Typographic detail

LogoLounge 8

Selected logo (center) shown in proposed dynamic/fluid system. Designed for JEG Design.



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About a month or so ago now, I posted about my Phila/Penna (Philadelphia/Pennsylvania in case you didn’t know the abbreviations or aren’t from around here) shirt design I had accepted by CottonBureau… I just got a look at the final printed shirts and couldn’t be happier. Great printing, a comfortable shirt – all backed by wonderful service.

So proud of the design and I need to thank each and every person who purchased a shirt to help me reach my minimum order goal. Some folks have missed out on the two-week order window and asked how they can get one, so I put the design on my Society6 store page. Feel free to order the one-color design here for yourself or anyone you may know that is from Philadelphia or Pennsylvania. Thanks, in advance, for looking and for the support! Link and photo below:

My Society6 STORE PAGE

Phila Penna Steve DeCusatis