Saint Joseph’s University


In a team environment, we were tasked with creating solutions to some of the following areas:

• SJU differentiation

• Increase highly qualified applicants

• Talk about the value of an SJU education

• Unique location since the campus is both in the city and suburbs

• Shine light on the fact that SJU is #1 for Double Majors

• Strength in academics and athletics

invite design


Our creative team focused on the whole SJU experience. SJU has an incredible history. Its students are ambitious, have grit, and tons of drive. The phrase OLD SCHOOL came into conceptual fruition due to the history and work ethic of the SJU student body.

The designs we created combined the old AND the new. The university is rooted in history YET is constantly pushing boundaries and making new discoveries every day.

editorial magazine design


As part of a creative team, I worked with Saint Joseph’s University to help create a presentation deck of conceptual directions, and we created branding work for various deliverables including:

• Visual Branding
• Print Collateral (Magazine spreads, View Book, Event Invitations)
• Packaging Design
• Event Graphics
• Apparel Design (for events and general awareness)
• Social Media Graphics

These designs were created while working with many employees at the university, including — but not limited to — creative directors, graphic designers, writers, social media strategists, videographers, interactive designers, admissions associates, and more. Design work that I created and the executions shown here were early concepts and are not currently in use in market.

throwback social design
Old school shirts
branding design
SJU invitation design