Gilson Snow was looking for a Pennsylvania-based artist they admire to create a limited edition snowboard to promote their PA roots. I am super humbled and grateful that they chose me to create the design. Growing up riding in the Pocono Mountains, this was a dream job. In addition to designing their limited edition PA board, I also provided various apparel designs for Gilson customers to purchase.

• Snowboard Design
• Art Direction
• Naming
• Graphic Design
• Apparel Design
• Iconography
• Illustrations

Gilson Snow snowboard design


Our aim was to draw from all the things that make Pennsylvania great. For the top of the board, we illustrated famous landmarks and icons that Pennsylvania is known for and proud of. For the base of the board, we hand lettered every town in PA with a ski resort. We named this board PENNA PRIDE!

Gilson Penna Pride Snowboard
Gilson Penna Pride Snowboard Sizes
Gilson Penna Pride Snowboard
Gilson Penna Pride Snowboard
Gilson Penna Pride Snowboard


We helped to:

• Generate custom limited edition snowboard sales
• Sell unique apparel
• Drive online traffic to a PA-specific microsite
• Engage customers via social media
• Connect Pennsylvanians to a PA-based manufacturer


“We love working with Steve. Not only is he a wildly talented artist, he is a great person and a joy to work with.”
— Nicholas Gilson, CEO : Gilson Snow, Inc. : Winfield, PA

Gilson Penna Pride Shirt Design
Gilson Penna Pride Sticker Badge
Gilson Pennsylvania keystone snowflake
Gilson Pennsylvania keystone snowflake icon
Gilson Pennsylvania keystone design
Gilson Pennsylvania keystone badge
Gilson Pennsylvania keystone shirt design
Gilson Pennsylvania keystone shirt design
Gilson Snow artist bio feature
Gilson Snowboard shirt designs